Workshop in Bucharest

June 25th, 2014


“Widening Participation of CEI Countries in the EU Research Programs”
– Training-Research in Physics –
Bucharest, 25 – 27 May 2014


Bucharest, Romania
Hotel Marshal Garden

Type of activity:

Workshop in the frame of the Project “Towards the integration of the Physics community in CEI countries into the ERA” co-financed by:

  • Central European Initiative (CEI)
  • European Physical Society (EPS)
  • ICTP Trieste (Italy)
  • Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (SEENET-MTP)
  • UNESCO Venice Office (UVO)


The Workshop will bring together scientists, EU officials and science policy experts, as well as representatives
of the SEENET-MTP partner institutions.

Main goals:

  • To establish a strategic and project partnership between leading scientific institutions and researchers from South-East, Central-East and Western European countries.
  • To identify specific actions and to prepare joint applications to Horizon 2020 Programme and similar European and Paneuropean Programmes.

Program Committee:

  • CEI Trieste: Alessandro Lombardo
  • CERN Geneva: Ignatius Antoniadis
  • EPS: John Dudley, David Lee
  • ICTP: Fernando Quevedo, Joe Niemela
  • SEENET-MTP: Radu Constantinescu, Goran Djordjevic
  • UNESCO Venice Office: Mario Scalet

Organizing Institutions:

  • University of Craiova (UCV, Romania)
  • Physical Society Nis (PSN, Serbia)