March 29th, 2016

The SEENET-MTP Network, as the the member of Consortium: EPS,ICTP and UNESCO Office Venice,  supported by CEI Trieste was implementing the Project “Towards the integration of the physics community in CEI countries into the ERA” during year 2014. This project was part of activities of the EPS Committee of European Integration.

The aim of project was to bring together scientists, EU officials and science policy experts, as well as representatives of the SEENET-MTP partner institutions, to establish a strategic partnership between leading scientific institutions and researchers from South-Eastern, Central-East and Western European countries, as well as to consider concrete calls and forthcoming calls for joint projects.

The main goals of project were to establish a strategic and project partnership between leading scientific institutions and researchers from SE-CE and European countries and to identify specific actions and to prepare joint applications of to Horizon 2020 Programme and similar European and Paneuropean Programmes.

The project was implemented with Physics Society Niš as the logistics partner in cooperation with CEI Trieste. The SEENET-MTP Office, and its web portal, provides support in implementation and dissemination of the Project.

The first activity in the framework of this Project was CEI – SEENET- MTP Workshop Widening Participation of CEI Countries in the EU Research Programs” – Training-Research in Physics that was held in Bucharest, Romania, from May 25 to May 27 2014.

The next meeting Promotion of physics in the CEI countries and Integrating Access to Research Infrastructures in Europe was held in Sofia (November 23-25, 2014).

The third meeting Workshop on Physics Education was held in Trieste (December 11-12, 2014).